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Strategic Decisions

Managing strategic decision making processes to set the right ambitions, identify where to play, and what it takes to win.

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Managing Transitions

Designing and implementing successful programs to improve the performance and effectiveness of your organization.

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Executive Coaching

Providing you a fresh perspective on personal and business challenges.

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Because good management matters…

Companies that employ strong management practices outperform their peers.
The World Management Survey administered by Stanford, HBS, and the LSE finds that companies
with best practice management processes achieve
higher sales growth, labor productivity, and returns on capital employed.

Sales growth: +41%

Productivity: +25%

ROCE: +32%

How good are your organization’s management practices?

Target setting: do you set the right strategic and operational targets, communicate them in the organization, and track results appropriately?

Lean operations: do you regularly check on the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations and ensure processes and systems are best-in-class of your industry?

Performance monitoring: do you track the right leading and lagging indicators to understand what goes on inside and outside your organization?

People management: does your culture reflect that organizational health is a perquisite to achieving lasting optimal performance, and do you manage to attract, motivate, and retain the best talent in your industry?

Change is possible, but organizations only change if people do

Despite the challenges associated with organizational change, you can successfully transform the quality of your organization’s management practices if you focus on altering key behaviors. Your people will embrace change if they understand the degree of urgency, have role-models to look up to, and get the right level of training and support to be successful.

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The emotional intelligence of leaders

The emotional intelligence of leaders

There are managers who just seem to be naturally more talented than others. They might motivate their employees to deliver better results, build stronger client relationships, or be more successful at implementing complex change efforts than their peers. So, what’s driving these differences?

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