Managing Transitions

Constant change has become the new normal for many businesses over the last decades. Consumer oriented industries, such as travel, media or finance are forced to adapt their business models within a few years to suit new customer interaction channels. Traditional manufacturing industries are faced with a new market place where their former low-cost suppliers from emerging countries have suddenly turned into head-on competitors.

Based on over 15 years of experience working with international organizations, I’ve learned that successful change needs to start at the top and focus on the individual at the same time. Lasting change will only be achieved when employees adapt their behavior, so change management is about creating the necessary conditions to allow this to happen. I can offer you a unique combination of hard-facts business sense and an understanding of ‘below-the-surface’ psychodynamic processes that go on in an organization. I know that transitions are inherently ‘messy’ and can’t be managed by command & control, but at the same time I won’t lose sight of long-term bottom-line impact.

My services in this area include:

  • Design and implementation of strategic change programs
  • Individually designed change workshops
  • Reorganizations and performance improvement / strategic cost reduction
  • Post-merger integration
  • Program management of large international initiatives